Nutrition Counseling

My approach is compassionate, collaborative, and straightforward – all sessions are catered to meet your individualized needs. Together we establish sustainable nutrition goals. Accountability, motivation and support are provided between sessions via unlimited email and text messaging.

I specialize in:

  • Perinatal nutrition: pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum including gestational diabetes

  • General healthy eating

  • Chronic conditions including pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney diseases stages 1-5, cancer and digestive diseases

Practice Policies

I offer three, six and eight session packages. Counseling sessions are held weekly and all packages expire within six months of purchase. A-la-carte follow up sessions are also available. Please inquire regarding fees, scheduling and cancellation policy.

Additional Services

I’m available to work with you on various nutrition and food related projects, workshops, worksite wellness and more. Please get in touch with your specific needs.

What clients are saying . . .

Shira is is brilliant - an adjective based on comparative experiences with other nutritional counseling. I cannot believe what we compressed into an hour or less. Dozens of prepared questions of mine, specific and manifold suggestions on dietary changes and additions. A very ideational meeting. 

D. S.

When I was pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Shira was truly the key to my sanity and success during the last two months of my pregnancy. She not only provided advice and information that I did not receive from my doctor, but made me feel calmer with facts about what I could and couldn’t control, how to experiment with different foods, and genuine empathy. I valued her non-judgmental and flexible approach during a vulnerable time.



Virtual Counseling


In-home visits