Health & Wellbeing
Gain a better understanding of how to develop a healthier, positive relationship with food.

Women’s Health
Pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum – all empowering, courageous and vulnerable times in a woman’s life. Together we’ll address all your prenatal goals, how to manage symptoms, support breastfeeding and nutrition imbalances that can arise.

Chronic Conditions
Comprehensive nutrition therapy for adults living with, or at risk for, chronic illnesses including pre-diabetes and diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic kidney disease stages 1-5, digestive diseases and more. Create actionable goals to reduce risk factors through diet and lifestyle changes.

Virtual Coaching
You’ll receive all the benefits of in-person counseling from the convenience of your own home/office. Sessions take place on FaceTime.

Additional resources
Available to work with you on various nutrition and food related projects, speaking engagements, worksite wellness and more. Please inquire with your specific needs.


Please reach out regarding my practice policies, fees and payment, health insurance, scheduling and cancellation policy.