Shira is passionate about helping others cultivate a healthier relationship with food through conscious choices and mindfulness.   

She is a strong believer that eating for everyone – all bodies, all disease states – can be nourishing, satisfying and enjoyable, ideally in the good company of others. 

After working in in-patient and out-patient hospital settings, Shira witnessed first-hand the rigid diets and food restrictions people are instructed to follow to treat diseases. But nourishing the body is so much more than a one-size-fits-all handout.  

Together, Shira helps you build healthy habits and learn to enjoy eating while simultaneously improving blood markers. Through an individualized and compassionate approach, Shira empowers clients to tune out the “absolute” diet mindset and tune in to what their body wants and needs.  

A word on Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Shira has counseled hundreds of pregnant and post-partum women on the benefits of good nutrition. While we’re taught to eat the perfect, well rounded diet for our growing baby, or have small, nourishing meals to heal postpartum – reality sometimes looks very different. Shira breaks down the latest pre-and-post natal science-based nutritional research, all while helping you be a little less rigid, a little more forgiving, and a lot more in tune with what your body needs. 

Most importantly, Shira is here to help you feel heard, cared for and understood during this vulnerable time.