on starting something


To my friends and soon-to-be friends, patients & clients:

Hello! Welcome to this space. I’m excited to finally share this brainchild with you.

The goal of this blog is to connect with others, both through our experiences and in sharing my expertise. A few things I’ve realized of late both in my role as a nutritionist and my journey to motherhood – life can be messy and complicated, and going through certain life moments are made easier and smoother when shared together. I also realized in becoming a mom how much mis-information is out there about nutrition in pregnancy and postpartum, and I think I’ve got something to share that others may enjoy and benefit from. I’ve spent WAY too much time looking things up on Google the last few months, and rarely did I find the compassionate, empathetic voice I needed.

If you’re looking to work with me in a nutrition-client relationship, please check out my services page or send me a message with more information. Please note I don’t do standard nutrition plans – my counseling style is always individualized; together, I help you achieve sustainable health and wellness and a more enjoyable, forgiving relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

A few more things about me:

At this present time I don’t develop recipes. I do, however, own way too many cookbooks (but really, is there such a thing?) and love to cook. These days that includes introducing new foods and flavors to my son, Lior, who recently started solids – so fun, also so messy. Any recipes on this space that aren’t my own will be credited to the rightful chef and creator.

My journey to motherhood wasn’t easy – I experienced two losses before welcoming L in August 2018. I hope to write more about what I’ve learned and how I’ve changed from pregnancy loss on this space

My approach to nutrition in my own life is plant forward – what this means is I eat meat about 5% of the time, eggs, cheese and fish sometimes, and plants all the time. I try to make vegetables the star of every plate. Yes, they’re delicious and nutritious but also the opportunities to cook with vegetables is endless, which makes it more fun.

I’ve got no design degree, very rudimentary photography skills, but a lot of knowledge and experience to share. So – we’ll see where this goes!

xx, SS

Shira Sussifood blog